Have a little patience

This blog is all about surviving the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. I won’t replicate any of the material from my book – Confessions of an Entrepreneur – instead I’ll just pick up other new topics that I encounter along the way. I am going to write it as I feel it. I am going to try to cover everyday emotional issues that I think other entrepreneurs will recognise. I’ll throw my tuppence at it and hope that I can give you some insights into how to roll with the journey. Please drop your comments my way.

Sometimes being an entrepreneur feels like Waiting for godot, you know you’ll get there, but you have to keep prodding yourself to stay optimistic and enthusiastic. It’s just too damn slow. It’s so frustrating. You tell your mates that you’re working on this new business and it’s really exciting. They’re excited for you but in the pub the next time when you say you’re still working on it and it hasn’t launched yet, their eyes start to glaze over. People expect things to happen at warp speed these days and the touble is when you’re an entrepreneur you often don’t have the resources of the Starship Enterprise let alone a phaser!

I am experiencing this again now. I have two services in development. We raised funding for one just before Easter and that’s seems like an eternity ago and I am working like a dog, but the bloody thing isn’t in the market yet. In fact it still isn’t in trial. The problem is you just have too little resource and too little time. It always takes five times as long to do because like all entrepreneurs one assumes that one can do it faster than you can.

I am like every other entrepreneur. I am impatient. I can see what it could be like. I can see what it will be like. But the MS project plan to launch is as long as your arm.

Actually I think the legal service we are planning is genius. It has tested incredibly well. It really does add value and it’s free. But we just can’t get all the ducks in a row as fast as I would like. And obviously I can’t talk too much about it until we are ready to go live. And that’s another thing that drives the entrepreneur mad. After all the oxygen of the entrepreneur is people talking about their new baby,so if they haven’t started talking yet, then you can get a little claustrophobic.

The truth is that the good entrepreneur combines genuine resilience with an ability to enjoy the moment. The good entrepreneur learns to have a little patience. It’s exciting. It may be taking too long, but this is something worth waiting for. I am not sure I have acquired this art yet. I spend too long anxiously waiting for launch, waiting for godot. But I am working at it and increasingly I can stop and enjoy the moment, confident in the future and in my entrepreneurial baby.