Time is on my side

I  have been meaning to write for days, but I have just been crushed by too many “To-do’s”.

I am damned good at multi-tasking , but shit, I really hate the feeling that time is roaring by and I am not getting enough done.  It is a constant bloody worry.

But I am not alone. Most entrepreneurs’ worry incessantly about this.

The truth is that every entrepreneur worries too much about this. It’s not as mission critical as one thinks. Most competitors are moving at least as slowly as you, if not more slowly. In most cases 1st mover advantage is over-rated. It’s more about focus and making sure you are doing the right thing most of the time.

Learning to chill about this issue is a valuable weapon.

I am on a skype call now at 10.30 on a Sunday night discussing a product. Who would have believed it? When it’s done, I am going to crash and dream about my next holiday. Who cares about those other To-do’s. No-one will be counting whether I have got them all done today or indeed tomorrow!

As the Rolling Stones say, I must just remember – Time is on my side, yes it is