About the Author

About Me

I am a CEO, serial entrepreneur and author. I have conceived and built a number of technology, publishing and marketing companies. I built and floated Pan-European Digital agency, Syzygy, on the German stock exchange in 2000, with a market cap of €240million. I am a Founding Director of Ink publishing, the world’s largest producer of in-flight media. I was CEO of Edengene, the leading growth and innovation consultancy where I advised companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, PepsiCo, RBS, Santander, O2 & J&J.

I am currently building health technology company, Propagator. Propagator is developing a “Living with a chronic condition” digital platform to improve the lives of the 15m UK patients with long-term conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, hypertension and depression, and save costs for healthcare providers. The first product is Living With rheumatoid arthritis and the second is Living With Pelvic Health. Educated at Eton, Oxford University, and London Business School, I am also author of Confessions of an Entrepreneur, published by Pearson.

About the Book

No-one ever tells you what it really feels like to be an entrepreneur. What you actually have to go through when you chase ambitions and fortunes.

In my new book, Confessions of an Entrepreneur, I do.

It’s not a book about business plans and choosing the right business ideas. Those books already exist. This doesn’t.

This is a book about the emotional issues that other business books ignore – the sacrifices you make, the struggle to choose and work with the right partner(s), the strain of uncertainty and potential failure, the dizzying and addictive highs of success, the challenge of building and motivating a team – everything that you will experience when you start a new business. It’s about the journey every single entrepreneur has to take – and it’s this journey, not just the destination, that you have to learn to love if you’re going to be a great entrepreneur.

To help you understand  and feel what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to tell it as is, no frills, so I’ve written this book ‘live’, whilst battling through my own start-up journey. And you don’t just hear from me alone, you can read the raw, honest stories from some of the most talented entrepreneurs on this planet, including Bill Gross of Idealab, Roland Rudd of Finsbury Communications, Jo Fairley of Green & Black’s, Nick Wheeler of Charles Tyrwhitt, William Reeve of LoveFilm and many others.

About being an entrepreneur

I have a love hate relationship with being an entrepreneur.

I always underestimate the emotional impact of starting a business, the toll it takes and the sheer amount of time it consumes. But I think this toll is a rite of passage for any 21st Century business person. A company can be seen anywhere and anyone can copy any idea – it is 24/7 madness and all that this brings.

Every time it’s a great journey, warts and all. And every time I learn more and get better.

That said, I wish it got easier, but I am not sure it does!